I would love to share with everybody what happened to me and the miracle that God did in my life – it is lengthy, but I would like to share the entire experience!

Late in October I had an unusual experience (for me) – I was suddenly so tired and without energy I couldn’t wait to get home at night so I could shower and lie down. Sometimes at work it felt if I would fall off my chair and had to hold on to my desk to keep upright. But – it is the end of the year, and it was a particularly hectic year, both at work and personally - I could not wait for the year end break so that I could rest and recover a bit.

Early November I visited our GP and he sent me off for a full spectrum of blood tests to determine the reason for my lack of energy. Later that afternoon (– on a Saturday) he called and said that I had to be admitted to hospital for serious blood and organ tests as there was definitely something seriously wrong. I had a hectic week planned and arranged to be admitted the next Thursday. In hospital everything that was tested came out positive and clean, except that my blood count was extremely low. As a last resort they drew some bone marrow – and then the bomb exploded in my face – one of the most aggressive forms of leukemia!

Then I was caught up in a whirlwind of things that happened so quickly that I could not keep up. As an ambulance could not be found (and was extremely expensive), my wife Ria took me in our car to the Little Company of Mary ( now Groenkloof Hospital) where I was admitted and treatment started immediately. Needles to state – I was in no ways prepared for what was to follow !

The initial treatment was that I received only chemo for 8 days, 24/7 – through a ‘port’ that was implanted permanently beneath my collar bone bone. The result of this was that my body had NO resistance against any form of infection and I was in total isolation, with only my wife allowed to to visit – with mask and sanitized hands. Following the initial 8 day intensive chemo treatment, the treatment started to prompt my body to recover and building up the immune system by itself.

There is no way that I am able to describe how tired I was and how bad I felt, and then the spiritual assault started in earnest :
- what if the chemo treatment has no effect ?
- if I die now, am I ready and will I go to Heaven?
- whatever made me so certain that Jesus died for me and that I have been saved by His grace?
- There were a lot more – and my sleeping pill worked until about one or two o’clock in the morning, and then I was awake – there is no way to describe the darkness at that hour!

During these dark hours there were a few thing things that kept me going :
- An old, old song from my small-child days meant so much : ‘ Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so!’. I am so grateful that we learnt that when I was small – it meant so much and it carried me – Moms and Dads, please allow your kids the privilege of getting to know Jesus as their personal Saviour – they will need it in this world wherein they grow up!
- I viewed a DVD of Dr Wayne Dyer wherein he conducted an interview with a lady called Anita Moorjani – she was in a coma and tells about this very bright light that she experienced, and with that an unspeakable peace and total, unconditional love. She had to come back to this world with the message – “Live fearlessly – now that you know what awaits you” – what encouragement for us, we are afraid of so many things !
- A video clip from Louie Giglio where he states that no matter where you are in your life, God will give you power to take the next breath, and the next, and the next, until you walk out of your problem.
- The message that came through the strongest for me, was from Matthew 8 :When Jesus came down from the mountain a man with leprosy went down into the dust and said to Him : ‘Lord I know that You are able to heal me, if You want to’ And Jesus touched him (that was STRICTLY forbidden in those days) and said ‘I want to, be healed’ and the man was clean! What an eye opener for me – Jesus wants to heal us !
- Somebody sent me video clip with the words : ‘Hold on to Jesus and walk through this storm, God is with you, you are never alone’.
- So many things encouraged me and carried me through it all – and this include a prayer group of four young people who prayed with me one night – thank you – you were Heaven-sent that dark and hopeless night !

Lastly – but most importantly, my wife Ria who was always there for me with a smile, a prayer and an encouraging Word. She is the greatest gift I ever received from God and I can never thank Him enough for her and the support she gave to me !

Thank you to al the prayer groups that carried me through prayer, I received calm and peace in the knowledge that Jesus loves me and that I am saved by his Grace.

I am CLEAN and I praise our God for this miracle – now there are four consolidation treatments ahead that carry through to May, but I am holding on to Jesus !

May each and everyone who reads this be richly blessed – and hold onto Jesus – our God is so big and so strong and Almighty – his miracles still happen every day !

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